Presentation of the waterwork in Germany:

During the last 20 years, there has been continuous development in all clubs.
First and foremost was the significant involvement of the German Newfoundlander Club (DNK), who took up the promotion of water-work in its statutes. The development took a most positive course.
In the 2006 at the Seeweiher in Mengerskirchen in the Westerwald – the same place where the European Challenge will take place in 2019 – the first German water-working examinations will take place. Since there were no judges in Germany at the time, Ms Rita Breesch from Belgium and Ms Inger-Anne Tangberg from Norway were invited as judges.
In 2011, the first clubs joined the German Association of Utility Dog Sports Clubs (DVG) at. The DVG is a member of the VDH and through them also a Member of the FCI. Here the structures required for further positive Development of German water-work are given.
Trainers and judges were trained in the DVG. Currently Germany has five water-working Judges with international approval.
Water-work is being carried out in more than 10 clubs.
The VDH-Prüfungsordnung water-work includes the diplomas A-D, two team working diplomas and three potpourri diplomas for the lighter breeds.
The German teams have always highly valued international exchanges, which is reflected in attendance of training camps and taking exams in other countries.
The idea of an international competition was welcomed with great joy.

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